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ZETT WHY | Conflict is the best teacher

In Here and Now on August 21, 2012 at 6:22 am

Exerpt from ebook “52 Quotes to live by

Conflict is the best communication teacher

Many interesting things happen when we don’t agree with another person’s opinion. We can see two possibilities in a conflict situation. The first – I am angry and despise my opponent. The second – I understand what a fool I am, and try to listen to his opinion closely. If you are practicing the first communication option, it looks like you are a loner with limited amount of friends. With the second option, you are welcome in any company, and surrounded by many friends…

People say that fools are lucky. Silliness is a key which helps to conquer many obstacles. But don’t value silliness as stupidity or imbecility – these are totally different things. Real silliness is more similar to naivety. Try an experiment. Give a simple story to a few friends to read, and ask them to explain how they understood it in writing. You will clearly see their character and values in their descriptions. Everyone will only stick to things which they understand to be true for themselves, and will like it as much as it corresponds to their values.

Here you should realize that each of us is important to ourselves, and that trying to change others only results in fruitless efforts. When you learn to hear and try to understand another person, you will discover many new things. Let it be a stimulus for you…


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