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A common mistake | Zett Why

In Happiness on September 10, 2012 at 9:37 am

Exerpt from ebook “52 Quotes to live by

Many repeat the same mistake – and without care for their outer egoism, they try to throw everything away and bury themselves in spiritual pursuits. In this way their suffering becomes worse, because both sides are unsatisfied. Let me explain this in another way. What would a day be like, if you didn’t sleep well the night before? It is the same for your outer egoism. Care for the horse, and the rider will also be satisfied.

If your egoism turns into egocentrism, you will notice this from several symptoms. If you can’t refuse something that is irrelevant at this time, and this is followed by paranoia and a feeling of guilt – you’re on the way to excessive egocentrism. If at first you look for the interests of others when seeking something – egoism won’t harm you. If you love and respect yourself, not expecting blind admiration from others, and don’t trouble yourself by looking for approval of your personal significance – you are in a healthy way. If you begin any answer with a word “no”, devalue the opinions of others almost automatically, and think that your way is the best way – then know that you have a big problem, which is going to obscure your life more and more…


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