Zett Why

About the author

It doesn’t matter who I am

With the purpose of satisfying my desire not to make my conceit bigger, and to not create one more cult of personality, I want to inform you at once, that you will find almost nothing about the author of this book on the Internet. The name Zett Why is my pseudonym. I think that the wisdom displayed in the book has much more meaning than the one who has written it.

As I have already mentioned, I have no intention to create a new religious movement. The only religion that I follow is a feeling of satisfaction in consciousness. Plus, you already know how to separate the real feeling of satisfaction from the one caused by egoism. The purpose of this book wasn’t to deny your own beliefs. On the contrary – I hope that this book will help you to become a better believer, and it doesn’t matter which religion is the most acceptable to you.

After studying all the religions I realized that they talk about the same thing, only in different words. The main idea of this book is seeking the satisfaction feeling. If your belief is the source of this feeling, give your devotion to it with all your heart. Let the satisfaction feeling be your guiding star. Just go the Way of life, and try to celebrate every day…

Zett Why


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