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Dear future partner,

In the expanding market of e-book sales every voice counts!

This is your chance to earn some money together!

We are management team of INTERNET IDEAS LTD (www.it-ideas.eu). Based in London, our company’s objective is to supply high-quality consultation services in the areas of online project management. As innovative thinkers, we continually look for new ways to expand the scope of our services and have recently begun to enter the book publishing market.

Allow us to introduce you to our first published e-book, “52 Quotes to live by.”

Written by Zett Why, “52 Quotes to live by” is a spiritual and philosophical book that explores what really makes us happy. He wrote his book to help us differentiate true joy from feelings that are driven by egoistic thinking. In his book Zet explores this tendency and introduces practical recommendations for recognizing true joy in our daily lives.

At INTERNET IDEAS LTD, we believe that this book will have great appeal to a broad audience and are respectfully inviting you to partner with us by joining our affiliate program on Smash Words (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/169387 ). In doing so, you will earn 50% of our book sales.

Smashwords is the world’s largest distributor of independent e-books with a catalogue that includes 140,000 books. Over 45,000 serious writers and small independent publishers publish and distribute with Smashwords.

We hope that you will seriously consider our offer, and we look forward to discussing this opportunity with you. Please email us at pr@52quotestoliveby.com

We will take the time answer all of your questions and are confident that a partnership with us will prove to be one of the best moves that you will ever make.



IT ideas team


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